The Nutty FlexitALLIEan

I’m a 25 year old medical student living in Pittsburgh. I graduate from medical school in 2012 and want to go into pediatrics. I blog about my healthy lifestyle-including recipes, excursions around pittsburgh, running, circuit training, meal planning, etc. I’m running the Pittsburgh half marathon in May and have been tracking my miles. I also talk a bit
about medical school in general. I’m newly married (July 2010) and my husband is featured on the blog sometimes.

Why “The Nutty FlexitALLIEan?”

Well, each part of the title has it’s own meaning(s).

Nutty covers my love for nuts/nut butters/healthy fats, my “health nut” status, and the term my husband uses when I’m in one of my female moods (I believe he calls me “nutty nuts!”)

FlexitALLIEan touches on my lifestyle of “flexitarianism.” I strive to eat a balanced vegetarian diet but sometimes slip and have some meat (a piece of chicken or slice of turkey here and there, fish when dining out). I chose “flexitarianism” because I find when I’ve restricted eating in the past I’ve ended up overeating the foods I’ve refused myself, and end up feeling overall crappy. I also tend towards perfectionism, and am working in all aspects of life to become more flexible (thus the second meaning to the title!). I put ALLIE in the title because a. it’s my name; and b. my lifestyle is totally personal to me. I do not recommend to you or any of my patients that they live the way I do! I just like sharing things about myself and my attempts to be healthy (who doesn’t?)

Author: Allie
Tags: Cooking, healthy living, Fitness, medical school, shopping, Fashion, baking, Personal Journal

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