Generating Preview….

We’re experimenting with a new feature here on Pittsburgh Bloggers: preview screenshots of the blogs. 

We’re using a feature of for this, a function that one is permitted to use even when not hosted on It works nicely, but slowly, and some sites seem to take much longer than others to load and save.

If your blog is one of these slow sites, try viewing the listing for your site and waiting a while (even minutes), then reloading the page to make the image appear.

In the meantime, we’re still researching other ways to generate screenshots more quickly. Ideas welcome: Share any thumbnail-generation services or similar in the comments.

About Cynthia Closkey

Cynthia Closkey is one of the co-founders of Pittsburgh Bloggers, and she currently manages the website. She is president of Big Big Design, a web design and online communications firm.
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