New on Pittsburgh Bloggers: Blogger Opportunities

People often contact me to ask how to get the word out to the Pittsburgh blogging community about some event, offer, or happening. So I’ve added a new feature: Blogger Opportunities. 

We don’t want this to turn into a general-purpose announcement list, so it’s restricted to offers and events that are specifically for bloggers or that particularly apply to blogging. Some examples:

  • Free or discounted tickets to an event or performance, in exchange for blogging on the blogger’s own site or on yours
  • Invitation to blog on your site or to cross-publish a post on your site and the blogger’s own site
  • Press pass to an event

Opportunities are listed on the Blogger Opportunities page (though there aren’t any there … yet), and you can send in information about an opportunity online. We’ll review each submission to make sure it fits our criteria and publish as quickly as we can; it’ll be announced on the Pittsburgh Bloggers Twitter account too.

About Cynthia Closkey

Cynthia Closkey is one of the co-founders of Pittsburgh Bloggers, and she currently manages the website. She is president of Big Big Design, a web design and online communications firm.
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