The Phantom Patron

The Phantom Patron is John Matthews, who teaches at a college in Pittsburgh. As a big restaurant connoisseur and a frequent traveler, John wanted to share his food experiences here in the great city of Pittsburgh and beyond.

Restaurants, whether they are chains or local, will be reviewed in three areas: The food, the service, and the ambiance and will conclude with an overall rating and recommendation. Each conclusion will include one of four different ratings:

1-“Absolutely must visit!” This rating is reserved for the restaurants that have what is considered to have consistent superior food, service, and ambiance. It is only given rarely after much thought and consideration.
2-“Go for it!” This rating is a strong endorsement for the restaurant.
3-“It’s worth a shot, but it could be a miss!” This is an indifferent recommendation that the restaurant could be good, but could also encounter areas that are less than satisfactory.
4-“Avoid at all costs!” This rating, also given rarely after much thought and consideration.
Since I live in Pittsburgh, most of the reviews will be from here, but other cities will be included. Enjoy and bon appetite!

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Author: John Matthews
Tags: Food, Restaurants

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