The future of Pittsburgh Bloggers is us!

Last week at Podcamp Pittsburgh, we had a group discussion about this site, Pittsburgh Bloggers, and the loosely connected community it represents, and how we can connect better and make this site more useful for everyone.

It was a great discussion! I forgot to take a photo of the group, but I did capture the whiteboard of topics we raised. (Please forgive my loopy handwriting.) I believe the session was videotaped, and once that video is available I’ll post it here too.

This session was primarily a kickoff to what I hope will be an on-going effort. For a while, Pittsburgh Bloggers has been run by me (Cynthia Closkey), but that’s not the best option. It would be better for others to be involved, to bring in new energy and ideas, to share out the decisions, authority, and responsibility with others who care about local blogging, and to better connect and support blogging in and around Pittsburgh.

So we’re going to start having meetings, perhaps monthly, to plan out what Pittsburgh Bloggers can be, and to divide the work of making it so among people who would like to be involved. If you’d like to be involved, please contact me on this site and I’ll add you to the communication. (If you’ve already let me know you want to be involved, you’ll get an email shortly.)

One other message that came through very clearly was that people miss the Pittsburgh BlogFest events we used to have every three months or so. These were purely social gatherings, happy hours with no particular theme other than giving local bloggers a chance to hang out together in real life. So we’ll start those up again. We’ll begin planning them along with the other new stuff, so if you’d like to help plan please contact me.

If you’d like to just stay up-to-date on the changes and find out when the next BlogFest is, please subscribe to Pittsburgh Blogger’s posts in the sidebar.


About Cynthia Closkey

Cynthia Closkey is one of the co-founders of Pittsburgh Bloggers, and she currently manages the website. She is president of Big Big Design, a web design and online communications firm.
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