The Dialogue Box

THE DIALOGUE BOX (TDB) is an online platform for intellectual perspectives influenced by a  range of current events and pop-culture topics. The objective is NOT to break the news or provide exclusive insight into the lives of celebrities, but rather offer an informed and thought provoking opinion relative to those people and events that shape our society.

Like the human mind, TDB is opinionated and diverse in its content. Topics are derived from the headlines as well as  issues that intrigue me and hopefully readers who too are motivated to offer their opinion.

TDB is inspired by the inner-dialogues (thoughts) I have with myself in response subjects that range from worldly to interpersonal. I want to create an online forum reflective of my views and encourage other like-minded individuals to join this open “dialogue” (hence the name) and be intrigued. With each post I encourage readers to think outside of the box, and do so from an informed and intellectual perspective.

Author: Rafeale L Gibson
Tags: Entertainment, Media, Music, News and Current Events, Politics, Television, Dating/Relationships

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