Screaming Weasel

As we say The Rodent is Back!! Lots of useless stuff for you to read (or useful: opinions vary). The blog spans art, politics, senseless rant, totally worthless rant, and more rant. Welcome to all of the places I’ve lived in the Pittsburgh area (Waterfront, SouthSide, Strip Disctrict, Brentwood, Leetsdale, etc.) I’ve learned a lot from a lot of people (sometimes after they’ve consumed more beers than they should have), and here is where you get to hear about it. Oh: I’m a very big fan of the amazing amount of artistic talent Pittsburgh has and you’ll hear about that too!

What is Screaming Weasel, really?

A Sarcastic Cynical Rant. A friend gave me some great advice last week: you whine too much, start a blog so nobody will ready it. So if you don’t like this, blame him. The possible stuff to be included: insane ranting (my prozac ran out), photography, art, restaurant reviews, event reviews (if you want me to be nice – invite me and feed me free food). I’ve lived in the SouthSide of Pittsburgh right smack in the middle of all the new stuff, the Strip District in the best and hottest apartment complex, but spent years hanging out in Nick’s, Lava and all the ‘old’ parts of the SouthSide – so I guess that means I’m a ‘well rounded’ Pittsburgher. Considering the influence of the area – the entries should be at least a little bit entertaining. By the way – I make lots of typos, so get over it now.

We will re-post the more popular entries from the original SWB site as soon as we can.


Rant suggestions are taken, but malicious comments are deleted.


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