DIY Show Off

I’m Roeshel and I love to DIY, be creative about repurposing things, designing & decorating my spaces and getting crafty. I love sharing our budget friendly DIY projects and tutorials. Lucky me – we have an entire farmhouse full of projects that will take us a lifetime to complete.

Welcome to a blog dedicated to showing it all off!

Are you:

1. An uninspired, procrastinating DIY’er always looking for a new creative project?

2. Decorating your home with personalization and love on a budget?

3. Looking for a collection of inspiration photos for ideas on designing your own lovely space?

Do you:

1. Have a completed DIY project that you want to brag about share with the blog world?

2. Enjoy looking at before & happily ever after photos of home renovations & decor for inspiration?

Yes? Maybe? Then this blog was created with YOU {and me} in mind! I can’t get enough DIY and ‘real’ life decorating eye candy so I dedicate some of my time to a blog with a collection of these things because my inspiration photo folder is stuffed full, I have an entire home to DIY and I enjoy being creative and hands on. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your ideas too!

Author: Roeshel
Tags: DIY, decorating, crafts, project tutorials, Home & Garden

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