Delightful Work

Delightful Work is a career change blog authored by Pittsburgh Career and Entrepreneurial Coach Tom Volkar. Our mission is to increase the number of folks on this planet who are in active pursuit of work life freedom. We are doing so by:

Encouraging and inspiring the action of discovering, validating and engaging in the authentic pursuit of livelihood so right for you that it provides all of what you want in fulfillment and in financial rewards.

Creating a community of those who want an ongoing dialogue with others who are in similar pursuit.

Tom believes that every person is uniquely equipped to bring special service to the world in the form of the business they were meant to run.

There is something that only you can do and it’s my honor to encourage you to go for it in the freedom and happiness of self-employment. Career Coaching for the self-employed is the fulfillment of my true calling. Seize the freedom of your vocation and find your right livelihood now.


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