Burghseyeview started out as a show featuring Hutch Jr. and Hutch III, a father and son navigating through life in the Burgh. We began chronicling Hutch III’s high school football career and the antics of his crew. Hutch III is now attending Hiram College in Ohio and playing as a defensive end on the Terriers! Hutch Jr. recently returned from Iraq and shows 19-40 detail the entire deployment. Kick back and enjoy the show dedicated to all of the Steeler Nation trapped in other parts of our country and world. If you have ever eaten a jumbo sammich, gambled in the basement of a catholic church, engaged in a buckeye fight, or ridden a PAT bus, come check us out. Some of the highlights of the show include the PAT Bus Vocabulary Moment, The Bloomfield Update, Pixburgh Originals and the newly instituted Scanner Segment. To our hardcore listeners: Thanks N@…….Burghseyeview.

Address: http://burghseyeview.wordpress.com/

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