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Boosted Memory

Boosted Memory is a guide to improving your memory capabilities. When we considered improving our own memory capabilities with the use of dietary supplements, we couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of restraint. What most health supplement stores won’t … Continue reading

Steel City Skeptics

For Pittsburgh atheists, agnostics, secular freethinkers and all unbelievers.

My Path to Wholeness

“Think Happy Thoughts…” just doesn’t cut it when you feel miserable.  I’ve collected reliable resources about diet, yoga, natural healing and vegetarianism.  

We’re All Wet Aquarium Blog

Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Care, Aquarium Filtration, Aquarium News, and much more!

Notes from the Iron City

A personal journal or sorts of a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon. A place where I store and keep track of coherent thoughts that my mind conjures.

Seclairer Blog

In a world where mental health care is becoming more and more homogenized, we at S’eclairer say: Enjoy the difference! We provide healing for the body and the mind, and an environment where the two can be one in harmony. You are not … Continue reading

Corporation to Community

One man’s account of leaving a short-lived corporate life, in order to return to the community. While trying to learn the landscape of the 21st century world through the local, global and virtual communities.

CSI without Dead Bodies

My occupation is a statistician. I tell people it is like “CSI without dead bodies” because examining a set of data that has been collected is like doing an autopsy on a deceased person in the sense that I’m trying to learn what … Continue reading