Boosted Memory

Boosted Memory is a guide to improving your memory capabilities. When we considered improving our own memory capabilities with the use of dietary supplements, we couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of restraint. What most health supplement stores won’t tell you is that many of these so called “proven” memory enhancers either don’t work at all, or will cause unwanted side effects. The brain is a vast universe of complexity. Tinkering away with one’s own wiring can be reckless, especially if no preliminary research is done by the user.

The truth is, many of the answers are out there. Memory supplement vendors completely ignore a large body of scientific research that could potentially invalidate a majority of their products. Boosted Memory is the answer to this vast sea of ignorance. Our mission is to provide a rigorous analysis of the existing scientific literature regarding memory enhancement. In the process we will undoubtedly stomp on the toes of some health supplement online vendors, but we will also isolate the exact products which have the most efficacy. All of this to benefit the user and harbor them from the ocean of misinformation regarding memory improvement.

Author: Mike Pollock and Dan Mallon
Tags: Science, Lifestyle, Food, Health

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