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Not One Square Inch

Economics explained to the public from my perch in Oakland.

Pittsburgh Project

A blog focusing on pictures and interviews with local residents from district 3 in Pittsburgh and beyond, if you have questions, go ahead and ask!

Community Matters

Community Matters uses current events as the platform to illustrate the American government process and function, with emphasis on the US Constitution. I explain the history, rationale, policies, and procedures shaping government operations. I don’t report the news.  I explain … Continue reading

Corporation to Community

One man’s account of leaving a short-lived corporate life, in order to return to the community. While trying to learn the landscape of the 21st century world through the local, global and virtual communities.

CSI without Dead Bodies

My occupation is a statistician. I tell people it is like “CSI without dead bodies” because examining a set of data that has been collected is like doing an autopsy on a deceased person in the sense that I’m trying to learn what … Continue reading

John Linko

Pittsburgh-area native returns home after 16 years in Colorado. 4 years of observations about both areas are already stored and ready for perusal, but the theme remains: “Notes from the journey. In God We Trust, all others we monitor”. The author has … Continue reading

2 Political Junkies

Two Political Junkies commenting on politics. One is a Democrat and the other is an Independent and both are Progressives. One of the oldest and most read political blogs in town.