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A blog that focuses on the random thoughts of a politically conservative mom of a toddler who is always searching for good gluten free food. Also, because I travel a great deal for work, i share my viewpoint spending many … Continue reading

after the bridge

politics, poetry, odds and ends and stuff.

KGB Report

Observations by and for the vaguely disenchanted.

People for Polity

People for Polity is an organized community of people who want to share their ideas on how to achieve a better nation.

Healthy Artists

Healthy Artists features original video portraits in which artists talk about their lives, their work, and why universal health care is important to them. We have a Pittsburgh-based staff that creates video portraits of local artists and we invite artists … Continue reading

Johnny Pez

Science fiction, alternate history, politics, basenjis, and whatever else I feel like posting.

Fourth Economy Blog

The Fourth Economy Blog is a forum for the advancement of economic development activities relative to businesses, communities and non-profit organizations, as we advance towards the next economy of innovation and collaboration.

Steel City Skeptics

For Pittsburgh atheists, agnostics, secular freethinkers and all unbelievers.

The Dialogue Box

THE DIALOGUE BOX (TDB) is an online platform for intellectual perspectives influenced by a ┬árange of current events and pop-culture topics. The objective is NOT to break the news or provide exclusive insight into the lives of celebrities, but rather … Continue reading

Official site of Justin Calderone

Blog of curent events, poetry, and other targeted randomness.