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Simply Adequate

Blog about all things news: Music, Politics, Sports, Movie Reviews and everything in between. Want entertainment simple? That’s us.

A personal weblog on the messy and the infinitely divisible: Our friends, complexity and convolution. Written by a Pittsburgh native that spends most of his free time drinking coffee, speculating, fixing up his old house, and reading old books. He … Continue reading

The insane and inane ramblings of the man dubbed Booferson J McGrugen

Booferson makes some unique observations, and has a one-of-a-kind point of view. And after this, you will will be thanking whatever deity you pray to that there is no one else quite like him. Whether he’s right or wrong is … Continue reading

The Centinel

Blog about various legal, political, and cultural things from a Christian perspective.

OpEdge Blog

Marc Jampole’s blog will analyze the news media and other forms of mass communications as tools for shaping ideology and reinforcing social mores and myths.

Xaotik Designs Industries

A blog about movies, politics, gaming, and my new hobby with photography.

The Parador Inn

An Innkeeper’s life, new happenings around da ‘burg, new restaurants (or newly discovered), political ramblings.

The official Barry K. Nelson blog.

A blog by Pittsburgh based writer, barry K. Nelson. Postings range from science fiction to comedy.

Cognitive Dissonance in Pittsburgh and Beyond

My “letter to the editor” whenever I feel like posting one. I *try* to take an even handed approach, but I am mostly left leaning. I won’t admit my cynical side to partisans, but in the short run I have … Continue reading

Red Pen Mama

The personal observations, experiences, and rants of a writerly-type mom. I talk about food, work and family life, politics, my children, books, movies and TV, and living close to my favorite city Pittsburgh, PA.