Welcome to the new and improved (and still improving) PghBloggers.org

At last, at last, we have relaunched the Pittsburgh Bloggers website.

In this new site, we’re focusing primarily on being an easily searchable blog directory — a way to discover Pittsburgh-area blogs easily.

Note that the listings we brought over from the old site are often very old indeed. Some point to blogs are no longer exist, others include outdated links and descriptions. We need your help in identifying which listings should be updated. When you find an out-of-date listing, please let us know what changes to make to bring it up-to-date.

We will also be adding a new feature to help organizations and businesses connect with bloggers for blogger-specific promotions. And if you have ideas for other ways to make this site more useful to you, whether you’re a blogger or a reader, please let us know (especially if you can help us make it happen).

One feature we haven’t brought over from the old site is the RSS feed aggregator. Combining the RSS feeds of hundreds of blogs overwhelmed our systems, and so for the time being we’re going to leave that out and focus on the directory. We’ll revisit the aggregator in the future if technology and resources make it possible.

About Cynthia Closkey

Cynthia Closkey is one of the co-founders of Pittsburgh Bloggers, and she currently manages the website. She is president of Big Big Design, a web design and online communications firm.
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