Phonetically Flailing

Ohh mind-speaking, bloggert. One of my many New Year’s Resolutions has been to NOT suppress my feelings/thoughts/emotions; at least to an extent. I am making the conscious effort to espouse to creating anonymously via the internet..

There are some things a girl just shalt not utter via the internet; however, I’m trying to make a go of it in the hopes of bettering myself for my fellow man’s sake. Including my man friend. Don’t judge! I’m a self-proclaimed, strange “court jester” of sorts–my blog shall not be daily tales of woe of the relationship variety. I’m very happy and stable in my relationship–momentary tiffs may be referenced, but not dwelled upon. I’m no longer 20 years of age (no offense…potential reader?).

This is more so a plethora of random ramblings–chalked full of alliteration and run-on sentences. Please leave comments–angry, rude, cruel, harsh (a.k.a. honest)–obviously feedback of the positive variety is also welcome with open arms, but shouldn’t I be using an opportunity to improve upon myself as a meaning to type on?

Author: Adrienne Renee
Tags: Writing, Personal Journal, Family, Other

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