Peoples Cartel

Peoples Cartel is a clothing company started by two individuals
who are united in a common cause: make the world rad one shirt at a time.

The ‘Steel City’ meets the ‘Windy City’. With roots in Pittsburgh and Chicago,
PC applies their strong work ethic and ingenuity to stay ahead of the game.
The meshing of styles and ideas create a truly unique brand.

Started in late 2006 they began printing designs for themselves and friends.
Today PC is steadily building a growing network of Peoples. ’08 has
brought some of PC’s hottests prints, including: I ‘Steel’ Pit, PC King for a Day,
PC Electro Glide, PC Welcome to the Jungle, and Peoples Smuggled Goods.
Hidden inside prints have become sort of a signature of PC, an “unexpected
bonus” if you will. As their influences are everchanging, so are Peoples Cartel.
Look for regular updates and rad things to come.


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