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So Type A

My real life.


I’m currently living in that gray area between finishing grad school and actually having to work; I kind of like it here. I am a pseudo-athlete that still takes any opportunity to lace up my cleats, but I’ve recently found … Continue reading

Secrets of Pittsburgh

I just started Secrets of Pittsburgh blog. This is a personal blog where I share stories and experiences of the places or interesting things my family and I do for fun in the area. Most of the photos in the … Continue reading

This Runners’s Fuel

A blog that focuses on fitness and food. The objective of This Runner’s Fuel is to raise awareness and motivate individuals to make positive, permanent healthy lifestyle choices. It’s fun, informative and fuels the mind as well as the body. is a site dedicated to finding and publishing photographs of people jogging, running, and exercising in jeans! My name is Jill. I live in Downtown Pittsburgh. If there was a Who Loves Pittsburgh Most award, I’d beat out anyone. … Continue reading

Sisters From Different Misters

A blog about life, running, kids and everything that falls in between. It’s quirky and it’s honest.