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The RAW HOGS are the “un-official” paparazzi of Pittsburgh, uncovering the “good” going on in our community. We document the real people of our town making a difference to better society. 

Taste of Pittsburgh

In 2010, we set out on an adventure to find the best kept culinary secrets of the city and even become advocates of those locally owned and operated places that aren’t so secret. We love to eat, so why the … Continue reading


The Quest for the Best Burger in the Burgh! This blog gives a detailed description of the best and worst burger joints in and around the Pittsburgh area.

The Steel Trap

Thoughts and ideas from the mind (and the mouth) of a Pittsburgh female…

Dinner Plan-it

Blogging dinner, dining and drinks. Drinner? Plan-it!

Live and Love to Eat (Claire the RD)

A healthy recipe, healthy lifestyle & foodie wanna be blog.

Six-Hundred Square Feet and the City

“Six-hundred Square Feet” refers to the approx. size of our apartment. A decent size according to some and a nutshell-of-a-space according to most. “The City” refers to our newfound home in Pittsburgh, PA. Why the blog? 1. I (B) work in the “blogosphere” … Continue reading