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Steel City Skeptics

For Pittsburgh atheists, agnostics, secular freethinkers and all unbelievers.

The purpose of is to inspire, challenge, and equip people to live a life that matters. 


Everyone has a daydream right? Mine is to get a group of artists in pittsburgh together in the coffee house. My second dream is to have a free box where artist and crafty folks can donate unused art material so … Continue reading

My Path to Wholeness

“Think Happy Thoughts…” just doesn’t cut it when you feel miserable.  I’ve collected reliable resources about diet, yoga, natural healing and vegetarianism.  

Dinker & Giggles

Dinker & Giggles believes that the years just after toddler and right before “I know everything” are the most important years of a young boy’s life. Dinker & Giggles teaches tips and provides solid resources for parents of boys of … Continue reading

Climbing out of the Box

The process of living an unprocessed life.From what we eat to how we think.

Saving for a Rainy Day

Saving for A Rainy Day started as a blog to showcase my thrifty finds and extreme couponing but has evolved into much more that over the years. Since it started I’ve shared my journey of faith, loss and finally giving … Continue reading


Cosmic dirt provides daily astrology, planetary weather, and an astrological happenings horoscope to create a better tomorrow.

Corporation to Community

One man’s account of leaving a short-lived corporate life, in order to return to the community. While trying to learn the landscape of the 21st century world through the local, global and virtual communities.

Applied Buddhism

Applied Buddhism offers perspective on how to live more proactively, engaged and happily. The foundation of practice is Buddhist, but the blog is for everyone of any philosophy or theology. From daily affirmations to understanding the tools that we can … Continue reading