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Apples and Kale

Healthy Living & Recipes from a Pittsburgh Kitchen

Interesting Pennsylvania and Beyond

We travel throughout the state and beyond in order to find as many awesome things to do as possible. We write articles, take photos, and do whatever we can to have a good time traveling throughout the state. Researching, photography, … Continue reading

Eating Local in Pittsburgh

A central online space to find information about eating locally grown and produced foods, including farms, farm stands, farmers markets, csa’s, recipes, tips, and methods.


Much like Luminari is a community of unique thinkers, talents, and opinions – our blog, LUMOS!, reflects this sentiment by engaging community members with resources for contemporary commentary, great storytelling and inspirational programs. Luminari is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit founded to … Continue reading

Discover the Burgh

The team behind Discover the Burgh is on a quest to find the best attractions, restaurants, events, and activities Pittsburgh, PA, has to offer. Discover the Burgh is run by Jeremy and Angie, the couple behind the international, award winning … Continue reading

Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Blog

Blog written by Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys providing information and resources on crime, criminal defense, and public safety.

Pittsburgh & Pearls

A local Pittsburgh college girl with a penchant for classic preppy style, tennis, pearls, and everything J. Crew. In her spare time, she is an aspiring Jackie Kennedy, and can most likely be found drinking iced coffee.

Sand and Snow…and everywhere in between!

Lifestyle and travel blog that focuses on daily life in and around my “big city” of Pittsburgh. Also includes tech, talk, recipes, food and drink, and Disney.


I’m a 30 something stay at home mom with a love of photography. Feedback from friends and family has encouraged me to pursue it more seriously. Follow my journey and learn about the process of photography, and what goes through … Continue reading

Steel City Mom

Steel City Mom is a place for ideas, tips, and resources to help you manage being Mom or Dad.