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Steel City Mom

Steel City Mom is a place for ideas, tips, and resources to help you manage being Mom or Dad.


Met at work. One married with a son. The other living alone in a new city (Pittsburgh!). Both trying to figure out this adult thing. It’s kind of like Boy Meets World meets Seinfeld.

Artwork by JM

I am JM. My name is Julie and I’m an artist living near Pittsburgh, PA. Art has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been drawing since I learned to hold a pencil. … Continue reading

Growing up p3rf3ct

Expectations set upon someone, whether self-induced or by others, can cause a life of p3rf3ction, or lack of.

Mandii’s Muse

Sports, Beauty, and Life, all wrapped into one!


Malaise + Lazy…a portmanteau for when being in a malaise just isn’t enough 🙂 Ramblings, musings and other such nonsense.

A Burgher Abroad

The happenings in the life of a Pittsburgh college kid living abroad in Rome, Italy.

Just A Lil Blog

The true life adventures of an autistic little girl, and her struggles raising her two parents with only a big sister to help her.

The Road We Walk & the Shoes We Wear

Sometimes life can seem so hard to make any logical sense out of it and find ourselves walking on a road alone. Though, as we find that each one of our journeys’ will be different it should be of some … Continue reading