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Fleur of the City

Jessica Ray is a 26 year old style & beauty industry professional living in Pittsburgh, PA. Jessica launched FLEUROFTHECITY.COM as an outlet to answer women’s questions about fashion & makeup. As her website grew she launched her YouTube channel where … Continue reading

Wander Queen

Lifestyle blog about travel, relationships, and anything that makes me feel like a queen. Written from the perspective of a confused early 20s girl, just trying to figure it all out.

Clara Mae James

Clara Mae James is a lifestyle blog founded by Jamie Sylves. Jamie is a native Pittsburgh girl, born and raised in North Braddock. She’s spent the last ten years working in the beauty industry in New York City and recently … Continue reading

Sensible Stylista

Easy, accessible fashion for the everyday girl. Learn how to shop smart by knowing when to save and when to splurge. Sensible Stylista also covers food, beauty, fitness, and travel!

Pittsburgh & Pearls

A local Pittsburgh college girl with a penchant for classic preppy style, tennis, pearls, and everything J. Crew. In her spare time, she is an aspiring Jackie Kennedy, and can most likely be found drinking iced coffee.

A Pittsburgh Art Blog

Art historian Alexandra Oliver takes a critical look at Pittsburgh arts and culture, with a focus on creative practices that engage with broader national and international trends in contemporary art.

Lovelily Laine

I’m a Southern girl who recently relocated to the ‘burgh with my husband, the Engineer. This blog covers food, fashion, and how I’m [comically] adjusting to life as an accidental Northerner.

Fashion for Giants

Fashion for Giants is my personal style blog where I write about being a giant. Not a real one, of course, but as a tall, plus-sized woman, let me tell you that the struggle is real. It’s real, people. I … Continue reading

Wavy Alabaster

I left a life made in the sports industry to pursue a life of creativity and style. I embrace the lack of pigment in my skin and the wild wavy nature of my hair. This dawn of a blog explores … Continue reading

Stark Raving Chic

Stark Raving Chic is a fashion and lifestyle blog by a girl named Bree who is an avid blogger, fashion writer, and photographer residing in Pittsburgh PA. She is also a wine enthusiast.