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Welcome to the home for high intensity functional training. I teach this through my blog and as a Pittsburgh personal trainer in my small private studio. Build muscle and lose fat. Grow stronger and move faster. Learn how to prevent … Continue reading


I’m currently living in that gray area between finishing grad school and actually having to work; I kind of like it here. I am a pseudo-athlete that still takes any opportunity to lace up my cleats, but I’ve recently found … Continue reading

Fit ‘Burgh

Healthy Living in the Steel City! Recipes, Restaurants, Food, Exercise, Workouts, Happenings in the ‘Burgh & More is a site dedicated to finding and publishing photographs of people jogging, running, and exercising in jeans! My name is Jill. I live in Downtown Pittsburgh. If there was a Who Loves Pittsburgh Most award, I’d beat out anyone. … Continue reading