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Green Comma Media

Green Comma Media is an illustration, animation and design company in Pittsburgh. Our blog includes our original animation and illustration, as well as links to design-related news, and a series called “Green Entrepreneur” with tips on starting a new business … Continue reading

A Pittsburgh Art Blog

Art historian Alexandra Oliver takes a critical look at Pittsburgh arts and culture, with a focus on creative practices that engage with broader national and international trends in contemporary art.

CMU Lunar Gala

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Carnegie Mellon University’s largest student-run production: the annual Lunar Gala fashion show. Weekly updates on campus fashion, model profiles, designer interviews and more.

Wallterior Design

Wall Decals, DIY Projects & Personalized Wedding Decorations


Hi! I’m Caitlin. This blog serves as my own personal space where I can share my experiences, thoughts, and anything that catches my eye, usually pertaining to design, music, Pittsburgh, or travel. I am realizing that life is moving along … Continue reading

Design Trends and Home Decor

The blog is written to expose current trends in the interior design industry and give readers insight on how to incorporate trends into their home decor. It also provides periodic tips on decorating and will stray off topic in any … Continue reading

For the Love of Luxe

A blog about lifestyle, DIY, thrifting, design, decor, fashion and various other things I love and probably can’t afford.

Lil’ Abberdizzer

Decor-Voyeur has moved!  The scattered ramblings and run on sentences of a decor loving wife and mamma!