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The Casting Pitt

The Casting Pitt is Pittsburgh’s largest free website for actors and filmmakers with over 1,600 users. The Casting Pitt also features frequent articles on acting, directing, filmmaking, auditioning, and more, written by staff and users.

Lit Pitt

People everywhere are creating art, doing positive things, and connecting with the world in interesting ways. They give the city some light. This blog is about those people, their work, and the places you’ll find them.

I Crow Movie/Theater Reviews

On my blog I review any movies and theater events I see. I review movies more frequently, because they’re cheaper, but I try to see a lot of theater too (it helps that I work at one). I try to … Continue reading

Chels and the City

From the point of view of a girl who’s always dreamed of living in Pittsburgh, not just coming as a visitor, and is now actually living that dream. Showing what’s to love about the city and what’s cool to do.

Fighting the Void

Art is about filling the void–writing on the blank page or filling the empty stage. Making art of any kind is a constant struggle against all manner of inner and outer forces. It’s a veritable fight to find meaning in this crazy world.