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Parmesan Princess

Parmesan Princess inspires others to cook wonderful gourmet dishes at home! From homemade recipes to shopping tips, learning from experts and trying new recipes, Parmesan Princess shares her new finds in this delicious world. Exploring the food Pittsburgh has to … Continue reading

Singing Three Little Birds

Singing Three Little Birds is a craft/DIY blog striving to inspire readers in everyday life.

Sass and Precision

Daily comings and goings of a twenty something preppy in Pittsburgh.

Consume or Consumed

Consume or Consumed is a personal style blog that follows the thoughtful musings and consumer habits of a young university professor living in Pittsburgh.

The Nutty FlexitALLIEan

I’m a 25 year old medical student living in Pittsburgh. I graduate from medical school in 2012 and want to go into pediatrics. I blog about my healthy lifestyle-including recipes, excursions around pittsburgh, running, circuit training, meal planning, etc. I’m running the Pittsburgh half … Continue reading