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Jim Krenn Blog

Jim Krenn’s Official Blog

Read The Stars

Read The Stars is the place to go for information that makes your life easier. From daily horoscopes and videos to articles about sports and politics – not to mention character sketches of the signs – Judi translates what the … Continue reading


“Homewood15208” is a segment of Homewood Nation, a community news website dedicated to Homewood. The entire website is the successor to “My Homewood,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s first blog, which ran from October, 2005 through March, 2010. Homewood Nation was launched … Continue reading

Fourth Economy Blog

The Fourth Economy Blog is a forum for the advancement of economic development activities relative to businesses, communities and non-profit organizations, as we advance towards the next economy of innovation and collaboration.


I just moved to Pittsburgh from Chicago. ┬áBefore that I lived in Austin, Texas. ┬áMy blog chronicles my life as I slowly progress eastward and learn to adjust to hills, calling coke “pop”, and how to pronounce “Allegheny.”

Shutters and Champagne

I like to blog about things I enjoy; recipes, books, movies, traveling, wedding planning, fashion, etc. And of course, Pittsburgh!


Everyone has a daydream right? Mine is to get a group of artists in pittsburgh together in the coffee house. My second dream is to have a free box where artist and crafty folks can donate unused art material so … Continue reading

Pittsburgh Commercial Real Estate

A blog about commercial real estate, economic development, green building and general Pittsburgh news.

Two Dancing Buckeyes

reclaiming the food we eat

Three Rivers Anthology

A personal blog about life in the ‘burgh.