Together We Flourish

The vision for Together We Flourish is to: • Provide a place for nonprofits to learn about each other and hopefully find ways to collaborate with each other. • Help to build an online presence for the participating organizations which will ultimately help to generate new resources. • Build a resource file of services provided to the community. As many of you already know, the downturn in the economy is making things even more difficult for you, the organizations that are doing their very best to help others. Not only are your funds being reduced, but at the same time, the needs of the community are increasing. That is why it is more important know than ever before that we become a community of organizations that network together in order to learn from each other and share knowledge, ideas possibilities that will help you navigate through difficult financial waters and develop new and creative ways to better serve your clients. If this idea sounds like something your organization could use, visit the Participation Registration page to learn more. Please join me in this project. I welcome and look forward to any input you may have about ways to improve this blog. This is intended to be a resource for you and the community. Together we can strengthen and raise awareness about those who work at improving the lives of others


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