The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog

The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog is dedicated to two things: raising adventurous children and supporting inspired mothers in the city of Pittsburgh!


The first focus of the blog is to help Pittsburgh families learn about the many opportunities for adventure in our city.  I write:


-A weekly post entitled “What’s Going on in Pittsburgh this Weekend“ highlighting family-friendly events happening in the city each weekend.

-Family Guides to help answer questions from my readers about local resources (indoor play spaces, mommy and me classes, etc).   

-A “New PGH Family Fun” series, where I describe new family-friendly venues and events in the city.

-A “Pittsburgh’s Beauty off the Beaten Path” where I describe very cool, but underappreciated spots to take your kids in the city.

The second focus of my blog is to support inspired mothers in the city.  I am endlessly impressed by the mothers in our city who are doing really cool things AND successfully balancing their work/family lives.  I support them through:


-A series entitled “Inspired Pittsburgh Mommy” that profiles different Pittsburgh mothers who have started grass-roots projects that benefit other Pittsburgh families.

-The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog’s original “Pittsburgh Mom-Owned Business Directory” a free resource to connect local mom-owned businesses with prospective clientele.

-A series entitled ,”Spotlight on a Pittsburgh Mom-Owned Business,” where I feature a creative and successful business created by a Pittsburgh mother.

-Inviting local mothers to participate in my “Guest Post” series, which is a platform for other Pittsburgh mothers to share their points of view about parenting in our city.

Author: Nadine Champsi
Tags: Pittsburgh, stay-at-home mom, Parenting, Recipes, Green

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