This blog is about food in Pittsburgh. The focus tends to be
on restaurants: I enjoy trying out new and different establishments as often
as possible, and I usually make a point to describe my thoughts and
experience on the site. My trend is toward the very much un-fancy side of
Pittsburgh: sandwich shops, pubs, and all those places that you can visit on
a semi-regular basis and not feel to bad about it. If you can order a beer,
then all the better. The only restaurants I avoid are the chains that I
could hit up in any city. That’s just boring.

There is a catch, though. I’m a bit of a health nut–that is, if you
discount my (unhealthy) appreciation of quality beer. I often think of my
adventures as the quest for the best salad in the ‘burgh–sans fries, thank
you. I’m prone to either order salad or stick to vegetarian options–even
though I am by no means a vegetarian. Sometimes I stray from that theme in
the interest of a review, but that’s atypical. If that sounds useful and you
want to join me in the quest for the perfect salad or just the reasonably
healthy side of Pittsburgh, then this is your blog. Subscribe and keep

In addition to eating out, I am an avid baker and home cook, so I reserve to
the right to post some recipes while I’m at it. It just depends on how
strongly I feel about the recipe and how much time I have to write about it.
The emphasis, up to this point, is on dining out. That’s what you should


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