Current Quandry

This blog is about indecisions. From the big life questions that keep me up at night — to the everyday flip-flopping that causes me to take a ridiculous amount of time to pick a t-shirt color. And, as is only fitting for someone who can’t choose, within this blog is a sub-blog, NewAge Newbie. It’s not so unrelated, since often my quandaries lead me to seek out new-age answers (Should I write a screenplay? Let me ask an astrologer.).

Given my wishy-washiness, it was only fitting that my indecision nearly kept this blog about indecision from ever launching. For one thing, I worried that writing it might perpetuate the dithering nature I so very much want to overcome. Once I wave that freak flag, can I ever take it down? Then there was the decision about the name. I liked Current Quandary, but there was a spelling concern. So I spent weeks debating other names and polling my friends for favorites. In the end, as I so often do, I went back to my original choice. But I think the exercise only solidified my commitment to the decision (this is a little rationalization technique I like to use).

If you, too, are indecisive, then perhaps reading this blog will make you feel better, knowing that you are not alone. And if you actually are a very decisive person, I guess reading it will make you feel superior. Either way, enjoy.

Author: Julie Long
Tags: Writing, New Age, Personal Journal

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