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The Guy From Pittsburgh Blog

I talk about Pittsburgh, the Steelers, the ‘Bucs, the paranormal, computers, cats & things I find of interest. I was born & raised in Pittsburgh & my thoughts are always with my beloved city. One of my several blogs. I … Continue reading


Catsburgh is a Pittsburgh blog that follows the amusing adventures of Joaquin and Lola, the two best cats ever. We live together in a house in Pittsburgh with my husband (“husband”) and our basement tenant/roommate (“roomie”). I post random pictures … Continue reading

Maine Coon Fancy

Our forums provide a friendly atmosphere to discuss everything related to Maine Coon cats. We extend a warm welcome to Maine Coon lovers worldwide.

Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Your Boyfriend

This blog is about pursuit: a transplanted Clevelander (me) in a new city (that’s you, Pittsburgh!), pursuing the role of a self-employed copywriter, becoming a roller derby badass and somehow merging all my to-do items into one ever-growing Bucket List. … Continue reading

House of Carnivores

A description of what life is like in a house with two humans, four cats, and a greyhound.