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The Parador Inn

An Innkeeper’s life, new happenings around da ‘burg, new restaurants (or newly discovered), political ramblings.

School Counselor Blog

School Counselor Blog is a place where school counselors share innovative ideas, creative lesson, and quality resources.

Carry on…Carry on…

I love fashion but as a recent college grad I definitely do not have the budget for it, so instead of buying what I love I try making it instead. From accessories to clothes, if I like it, I am … Continue reading

Simply Suz

Suz describes her crafting adventures. She is an avid handcrafted soapmaker. She has soap with surprises inside, lip balms, bath bombs,etc.  Viva natural bath & body products!


Everyone has a daydream right? Mine is to get a group of artists in pittsburgh together in the coffee house. My second dream is to have a free box where artist and crafty folks can donate unused art material so … Continue reading

For the Love of Luxe

A blog about lifestyle, DIY, thrifting, design, decor, fashion and various other things I love and probably can’t afford.

Two Peas in their Pod

My Path to Wholeness

“Think Happy Thoughts…” just doesn’t cut it when you feel miserable.  I’ve collected reliable resources about diet, yoga, natural healing and vegetarianism.  

Unraveling Stacy

I write about knitting, crafting and charity work in Pittsburgh. There is a large knitting community in the area and a lot to share.

Sweet Ridge Sisters

Four sisters from a farm in Wisconsin blog about their experience from the farm to the big city of Pittsburgh, PA.