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Try It and You May

A writing mom on the run who likes to try new things and find ways to encourage readers to give it a try, too!

Writing Tips & Advice

We offer writing tips and advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

S.A. Deveraux

A lifestyle, fashion, and writing blog. Showcasing my life, and my loves. – Internet Marketing for School

I am the Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Sewickley Academy. I use my blog to help schools harness the power of the internet and social media to help market their schools. I blog about inbound marketing, social media, … Continue reading

Lit Pitt

People everywhere are creating art, doing positive things, and connecting with the world in interesting ways. They give the city some light. This blog is about those people, their work, and the places you’ll find them.

Raven Thoughts

Pittsburgh-based writer’s fictional musings. Often dark, sometimes funny, always honest.

Phonetically Flailing

Ohh mind-speaking, bloggert. One of my many New Year’s Resolutions has been to NOT suppress my feelings/thoughts/emotions; at least to an extent. I am making the conscious effort to espouse to creating anonymously via the internet.. There are some things … Continue reading

Saporito Means Tasty

This site contains humorous writing, anecdotes, the occasional essay, and likely too many Star Trek references.

Sea Said, He Said, She sang

A blog created by three artists to showcase their work in the new media.

Furious Musings of an Entranced Writer

The tagline: I Have the Disease. Late Nights and Empty Booze Bottles. Rejoice. A blog by a writer about her work and writing. Not much else, is there?