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Style Studs and Lace

A style blog by a British personal stylist, living and styling in Pittsburgh PA.

Chic & Chai

Chic & Chai is a fashion blog about a Scotch-Irish Pittsburgh girl who loves David Bowie, chai lattes, and a rescued coonhound named Lila.

Wear What Style

Wear What Style is a fashion and beauty blog that simply began as a school project but fortunately outlived the length of the semester. With a newfound freedom from my professor’s requirements, I’m now blogging away in an effort to … Continue reading

CMU Lunar Gala

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Carnegie Mellon University’s largest student-run production: the annual Lunar Gala fashion show. Weekly updates on campus fashion, model profiles, designer interviews and more.

Periwinkle & Pearls

A fashion and beauty blog dedicated to helping young women create outfits, comfortably follow trends and grow their closets.

Pittsburgh in Polka Dots

A personal style blog going beyond the closet.

Schmatta Matters

Personal style and fashion blog from a southside resident.

“Pittsburgh’s Digital Lifestyle Magazine”

The Pittsburgh Stylist

Fashion, Beauty and Event Planning Blog centered around the life of Tamie Konzier, a shopaholic living in Pittsburgh blogging about her outfits, make up/beauty and her small start up company with the occasional mention of her awesome husband, family and … Continue reading

Consume or Consumed

Consume or Consumed is a personal style blog that follows the thoughtful musings and consumer habits of a young university professor living in Pittsburgh.