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Poems My Dad Left Us

My father passed away a few years ago. He was a well-educated man and on occasion he gave as gifts some heartfelt poems to family and friends. These poems were written with love and so they deserve to be remembered. … Continue reading

Boinkaz ~ The Thousand Cuts

Poetry, fiction, journalism, criticism, poetry writing tips & Intelligence Memoirs from the poet Boinkaz

Green Thumbed Vagabond

A blog about gardening, permaculture, guerrilla gardening, photography and art… Based in Wilkinsburg, a suburb of Pittsburgh PA…

jason irwin poetry

Writing and Readings and other info.

An Indian in Pittsburgh

This is a Hindi blog from Pittsburgh that covers a wide range of topics from poetry to Information Technology.

after the bridge

politics, poetry, odds and ends and stuff.

TJungle Projects

An artist and writer blog that includes a piece of art and writing updated every day. Some themes focus on the act of creativity and inspiration itself, wrestling with ideas that many artists commonly go through. Other themes have to … Continue reading

Three Rivers Anthology

A personal blog about life in the ‘burgh.