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In Pursuit of Simple

In Pursuit of Simple is all about finding ways to simplify life. Tips for how to make everyday tasks a little bit easier, personal stories about trying to find calm moments in my life, and inspiration to stop stressing the … Continue reading

The Aesthetic Grace

A fashion and lifesyle blog that focuses on captivating the beautiful things in life. Aplace where you can revel in creativity, health, beauty and fashion. A place where inspiration is just a click away!

It’s Just A Bad Day

A personal journey blogging about the good and bad days coping with AVN (Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis) of the Knee and Psoriatic Arthritis.


Welcome to the home for high intensity functional training. I teach this through my blog and as a Pittsburgh personal trainer in my small private studio. Build muscle and lose fat. Grow stronger and move faster. Learn how to prevent … Continue reading

Sara J’s: Purely Polished

Nail polish pictures, reviews, and descriptions.

Indigo Spot

Indigo Spot discusses ethics & information technology, Linux & life hacks, as well as language, writing, fitness, health, music, and the arts.

Miss Migraine: A Girl’s Adventures in the United States of Pain

Since 2008, migraine disease has done its damnedest to control my life and take away my ability and passion for writing. Miss Migraine: A Girl’s Adventures in the United States of Pain is my way of kicking migraines in the … Continue reading

Raising Her Right

This blogs provides information and resources for moms to use to empower their daughters. Helping girls be their best selves.

Healthy Artists

Healthy Artists features original video portraits in which artists talk about their lives, their work, and why universal health care is important to them. We have a Pittsburgh-based staff that creates video portraits of local artists and we invite artists … Continue reading

Nutrition U

“Your Personal School for Holistic Health”: We all need to go “back to school” when it comes to our relationship to food and health. Many of us have gotten off track, thinking of food as something that needs to be … Continue reading