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Failures from the dating world. Join our intrepid author as she endures real-life electronic attempts at dating, mating, and establishing relationships from people who, for the most part, don’t have a clue at how to do any of these things.

A Librarian’s List and Letters

A Pittsburgh Librarian discovering more than just books in her 30s. Written in lists or letters, A Librarian’s Lists and Letters, is an open and honest account of being single, loving a career, and trying to enjoy life in Pittsburgh.

The Dialogue Box

THE DIALOGUE BOX (TDB) is an online platform for intellectual perspectives influenced by a ┬árange of current events and pop-culture topics. The objective is NOT to break the news or provide exclusive insight into the lives of celebrities, but rather … Continue reading

The Dating Truth

Want to know the Truth about Dating? is an honest how to blog, designed to make you a better date.