Q&A: How should small businesses and others reach out to local bloggers?

This question came to the Pittsburgh Bloggers inbox:

Hi there! I am a local jewelry artist and I am looking for some help. I know that I need to get more information about what I do out there through social media, but can never seem to find the time. Is there any way for Pittsburgh Bloggers to help me, even if I do not have my own blogg? My website is www.audraazoury.com and my facebook page is Audra Azoury Jewelry. Thanks in advance for any info. you can provide!

We often get questions along these lines. Pittsburgh bloggers, how would you answer this? Please offer your thoughts in the comments.

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2 Responses to Q&A: How should small businesses and others reach out to local bloggers?

  1. Sue Kerr says:

    If you aren’t in a position to hire a social media “person” (which many bloggers do on the side), it really does take a bit of time to understand how to work with bloggers.

    1. Identify blogs that have something in common with your business (theme, topic, location, hobbies, etc) Follow them – you don’t have to read everythput ing but it is a good way to make sure its a good fit.

    2. Put together a simple ask – a basic press release. Try to tie it to the blogger. For examplen I blog about LGBTQ issues so if you are doing a fundraiser donating a percentage of sales to a LGBTQ c ause, I want to talk. I buy jewelry so you never know.

    3. Make it a win/win. Perhaps you can offer me a giveaway my readers will enjoy. Or perhaps you can offer some reciprocal links or social media mentions.

    4. Don’t be afraid to ask. I appreciate blog post suggestions and will give most things consideration esp if I can tell the requestor took some time to personalize their reuest.

  2. I’ll tell ya one way to NOT contact them–through a flack who offers to be a guest blogger on your website. This has happened to me several times, and it’s irksome because clearly these jagoff hacks didn’t even check my site to see if I have EVER allowed a guest blogger (it hasn’t happened even once). So when you approach me this way you’ll have to work twice as hard even if I like your idea, and I am bound to want to not like it since you didn’t even have the sense to read my blog. Many of us in the blogosphere are lone wolves, and if you cannot even take the time to see that we don’t have guest bloggers on our sites, why should we give you the time of day? I do like Sue’s advice; it is right on.

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